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Clear Filters

Time is perhaps the most influential piece in the financial planning puzzle. In his days, Albert Einstein contributed extensively to humanity’s understanding of the complexities of time, and he has provided some of the absolute best, uncomplicated, explanations of what time is and represents.

In the sweltering heat of July, my family embarked on a journey to the distant and magical realm of Disney World. Over four exhaustive days, we immersed ourselves along with the other 57,000 daily visitors in a world where fairy tales come alive and where dreams, no matter how big or small, are within reach—for the right price.

U.S. stock indexes ended the volatile week lower despite promising inflation data as investors sifted through mixed Fed-speak and credit rating downgrades for several U.S. banks.

For many Americans, summer means pool days, baseball games, and perhaps a summer vacation. While we’re all enjoying more time outdoors (or indoors away from oppressive heat waves), the dog days of summer also mean back-to-school season is looming right around the corner.

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