Notes from Julia


Hello friends,
I am writing this on a cold winter day, yearning for spring. Each year, “snowbird status” takes on greater appeal. For those who brave harsh Midwest winters, it is great to have fun diversions to help us slide into spring. AmeriClub has winter offerings that will warm your heart and brighten dark winter days! 

Our December American Queen trip from Memphis to New Orleans was such fun. AmeriClub has THE BEST TRAVELERS! I admire their sense of adventure, interest in the world around us, and genuine care for other travelers. You make my job exciting and fulfilling.

As you read this, our group of 22 will have returned from Tanzania. We will have experienced the great animal migration and a culture very different from our own. In March, I will attend the annual week-long bank club directors’ conference and will bring back ideas for future AmeriClub offerings. 

Don’t miss our well-designed tour to beautiful West Virginia during the prime fall foliage season. If you’re a train lover, you’ll appreciate riding on FOUR different types of trains. I personally traveled to West Virginia last year and was awed by its beauty, history, and culture.

For those who do not care to travel far, check out AmeriClub discount ticket offers at local performance centers and day trips to area venues. Both provide great fun. 

By accessing and clicking on the AmeriClub link on the bottom of the home page, you can now read the current AmeriClub Journal. Also available are links to trip brochures, Merchant Discount Directory, and Missing Word Contest. You may also request receipt of the AmeriClub Journal electronically rather than by postal mail. Encourage others to check AmeriClub on this site and to join the Club. Don’t forget that you can earn a $15 referral fee for each qualified referral you submit. (See page 4 of this issue for details.) 

Remember to submit your paper “Points for Travel” slips to me if you have not already done so. You will receive your personal, plastic “Points for Travel” card onto which your points have been added electronically.

I wish you many pleasant outdoor spring days, a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, and a blessed Easter or Passover.