Pooled Employer Plans

The SECURE Act established a provision for Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs), allowing groups of small, unrelated companies to ‘pool’ their resources together, increasing their purchasing power, while individually reducing their administrative and fiduciary burden. Our PEP solution was developed to make it easy for small businesses to deliver the same powerful retirement vehicle to their employees that traditionally would only be available to larger plans.

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The Benefits of a Pooled Employer Plan

  • Small businesses can now have access to the same best practices and retirement plan offerings available to larger organizations by pooling their retirement plans to increase purchasing power, providing the opportunity to attract and retain top-level talent.

  • The PPP assumes most fiduciary responsibilities for the PEP, which may include those of the 3(38) Investment Manager, Plan Administrator and 3(16) Fiduciary. Employers joining the PEP simply maintain the responsibility to be prudent in selecting and monitoring the PPP and if applicable, any other named plan fiduciaries.

  • The (PEP) helps employers reclaim valuable time in their day as they no longer need to manage the plan set up, administration, monitoring and reporting. We focus on managing your plan and keeping it compliant so you can focus on your business at hand.

  • In some cases, plan costs are even reduced through this aggregated retirement plan model as employers can save on administrative fees such as individual audit costs or the filing of separate Forms 5500. There is also the potential for tax credits through the SECURE Act. For the first three years, eligible employers may receive up to $5,000 in tax credits annually.

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Joining the PEP reduces your admin responsibilities by over 90% as compared to sponsoring your own plan.