Payroll Integration Services

Our goal is to make it easy; easy to offer participants the opportunity to retire successfully and easy for the plan sponsor to deliver that benefit without an increased administrative burden. One way we help accomplish this is by offering payroll integration services with various payroll providers.

What is payroll integration?

The service allows a payroll provider to send data from a payroll file directly to American Trust, eliminating the manual process a plan sponsor would typically go through during each payroll period. For 180º payroll integration, data flows from the payroll provider direct to American Trust. In 360º payroll integration, data flows from American Trust direct to the payroll provider and vice versa.

American Trust currently offers payroll integration with the following payroll providers:

    • ADP (only available for ADP Workforce Now)
    • Ahola
    • Alerus
    • Altera Payroll & Insurance
    • Ascentis
    • Balance Point
    • BambooHR
    • CBIZ
    • Ceridian (Dayforce)
    • Certified Payroll Associates
    • Complete Payroll
    • Dominion Payroll
    • Kronos
    • Paycom
    • Paycor
    • Paylocity
    • Payroll Solutions
    • Ultimate Software (UltiPro) (UKG)
    • Altera Payroll & Insurance
    • Alerus
    • Kronos
    • Pay(k)onnect
    • Proliant
    • Paylocity

Is there a cost?

We are pleased to offer payroll integration services to our valued clients at no additional cost. It’s important to note, however, that some payroll providers do charge for this service on their end. As such, it’s recommended that you reach out to your payroll provider to gain a better understanding regarding any fees that may be associated with setting up a payroll integration solution and what features may be available.


If you work with a payroll provider that is not yet on our list and would like to find out if payroll integration is available, please contact us today.