eBal Service

American Trust can now send your retirement plan balance in an email or straight to your cell phone as a text message. Simply complete the form below to opt-in, opt-out, or change your notification preferences. You will not be charged by American Trust for this service.

By signing up for this service, you authorize American Trust & Savings Bank to transmit your retirement plan balance to you as elected on this form. Personal information, such as name, SSN, etc. will not be included in the transmission. You are responsible for providing a valid address and for keeping it up to date. We strongly suggest that you avoid using addresses that others may be able to access. This election is to remain in effect until you elect otherwise.

  • OK SSN is required
  • OK Cell Phone/Email Address is required
  • OK Notification Type is required
  • OK Cellular Provider is required
  • OK Notification Frequency is required
  • OK I would like to is required
  • OK Security Code is required

Cell Phone Text/Email Specifications

Below is a list of popular cell service providers and links to information about text/email messages availability. American Trust & Savings Bank does not endorse these providers nor can we guarantee this information to be complete and accurate. If you are unsure of the costs and features of your service, please contact your cell phone service provider.

  • Verizon

    Example: 5555555555@vtext.com

    more info

  • US Cellular

    Example: 5555555555@email.uscc.net

    more info

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