Add Stability with Stable Value

A stable value fund is an investment option, available only in retirement plans, that is designed to help protect and grow your retirement savings in a steady, low-volatility manner.

Add stability with stable value

Although they can be structured differently, all stable value funds have effectively the same concept. They invest in a high quality, diversified bond portfolio that is protected against volatility in interest rates by contracts from banks and insurance companies. An investor earns a return through the fund’s crediting rate, which is typically stated in advance and is fixed for a period of time.

The main objective of a stable value fund is to provide bond-like returns without bond-like volatility.

Introducing the MetLife Unified Trust Stable Value Fund!

This Fund offers a combination of low volatility and intermediate bond-like returns compared to peers and provides a very competitive crediting rate. As a fiduciary providing a stable value fund, American Trust is able to better oversee and control how assets are managed, who the wrap provider and sub-advisors are and any changes that need to be made to the Fund.

Add stability with the Unified Trust Stable Value Fund

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