Our goal is to help you reach your goal: Earn new clients and keep them.

At American Trust, our business plan is simple. Support financial advisors. Help them earn more relationships. Deliver unparalleled quality of service to employers and their employees every day.

Expert Retirement Plan Partner

We think you should be able to count on an expert retirement plan partner who has your back every day. At American Trust, it’s more than a slogan; it’s a commitment to excellence that we’ve distilled to an Advisor Bill of Rights.

We invite you to read it. Share it. Count on it.

Advisor Bill of Rights

We make it easy to start new plans.

Better plans lead to better outcomes.

We measure success.

Choice is only the Beginning

Should retirement plans be one-size-fits-all? Absolutely not. That’s why we’re committed to truly open architecture. That means flexibility in plan design and flexibility in investment choices. To us, it also means 3(38) investment manager offerings, 3(16) plan fiduciary services, and comprehensive education and engagement campaigns to reach every employee of every plan. Reach out to talk about your practice and learn more about how we can help you earn and keep successful retirement plan clients.

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Flexible Retirement Plan Design

It’s not about just delivering excellent service. It’s about outcomes.


About American Trust

American Trust is a promise kept for more than 50 years to help clients succeed on their retirement savings paths. Today, we are more than 400 people focused on one thing – improving retirement outcomes.

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