Ep 5: The Epic Failure of Studebaker’s Pension Fund, the Rise of ERISA and What’s Next for the Retirement Industry
October 12, 2020
Retirement Advisor, a Podcast from American Trust

Episode five of the Retirement Advisor Podcast from American Trust, hosted by Micah DiSalvo, Chief Revenue Officer of American Trust. Recently, American Trust completed a transaction joining Unified Trust and American Trust. It’s clearly an exciting time for all of our employees, and most importantly, all of our partners. So we thought it would be a great time to have Dr. Gregory Kasten, the founder and CEO of Unified Trust, on our show.

Dr. Kasten has a very unique story. Yes, he’s a real medical doctor, and he entered the retirement industry over 35 years simply by starting out managing his own 401(k) plan for his practice. Soon, other fellow doctors and practitioners asked him to do the same for them and thirty years later he had built Unified Trust into a thriving business built upon the simple focus of always doing what’s right for the participant. We’re excited to have the entire Unified Trust team aboard and we hope you enjoy this wide-ranging conversation with our guest, Dr. Gregory Kasten.