Notes from Julia

Dear Friends,

For Americans, a highlight of summer is the Fourth of July, a time to enjoy fireworks, parades and picnics. As we celebrate the anniversary of our nation's birth, we salute our veterans for the sacrifices they have made on our behalf. Through many generations, our service personnel have earned for us freedoms unparalleled throughout the world. May we never lose sight of the price they paid for the freedoms we enjoy.

Particularly dear to many AmeriClub members is our freedom to travel. Unlike individuals living in many parts of the world, we have at our disposal opportunities for educational, cultural, social and recreational enrichment. Let's take advantage of them! If you haven't taken time lately away from the grind to expand your horizons or simply enjoy life, why not consider a fun day (or more) with AmeriClub, for a new perspective on life and a wonderful way to meet new friends and make lifelong memories?

As you review this issue of the AmeriClub Journal, take note of future offerings. Why not join us in September as we view impressive sites and re-live Wild West history in South Dakota's Black Hills? Our Kentucky tour, scheduled for October and chock-full of terrific experiences, is filling nicely. If you prefer to stay close to home, enjoy spectacular fall foliage and cruise the Mighty Mississippi with AmeriClub for a full day in October on the Celebration Belle.

All too soon, cold weather will descend upon us. Keeping in mind last season's bitter Midwest winter, plan to escape during the next one by traveling with AmeriClub to San Antonio in December or Costa Rica next February.

Registrations are arriving in my office for a fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime spring 2015 trip to China. Plans are underway for additional 2015 AmeriClub offerings, so watch for future information.

Remember to use your American Trust ScoreCardĀ® Rewards Credit Card to earn double points through September on back- to-school purchases for your children or grandchildren. See details in this issue of the Journal.

As summer winds down, delight in its remaining slower-paced days. Throw some burgers on the grill, pack a picnic lunch and head to the park, or take the grandchildren to the movies. Make a priority to engage in a summer pastime that offers relaxation and time spent with family and friends. Enjoy life!