Business Retirement Planning Services

Simple, easy, and convenient. These essential services and investment products provide your business and employees with everything needed to make your company's retirement plan a success.

  • Employer Services

    • Complete and comprehensive plan design expertise: We provide a retirement plan tailored to meet your business's unique needs. This comprehensive process includes a review of industry trends, an analysis of plan options and costs, and the preparation of an IRS-approved plan document.
    • Timely participant statements: We ensure timely delivery of participant statements to a designated individual at your business within an established time frame.
    • Complete IRS and DOL documentation: American Trust will process all of the paperwork, including required filings and submissions.
    • Complete Trustee services: As Trustee, American Trust makes it easy for you to administer the retirement plans by managing trust accounting, collection of trust income, and IRS reporting requirements.
  • Employee Services

    • Complete enrollment materials: We provide everything your employees need to take part in retirement planning, including plan documents.
    • Investment options: Our easy-to-understand investment option descriptions enable participants to utilize their retirement plan options confidently and to the highest degree.
    • Interactive tools and instructions: Interactive tools and a comprehensive education program aids participants in investment decisions.
    • Valuable participant communication: To help your employees understand and utilize the advantages of retirement planning, we are available to facilitate employee meetings. Plus, we offer materials for use in participant newsletters.
    • One-on-one financial planning: Participants can call or email us directly to ask questions or to get information, or to arrange a financial planning consultation in person.
  • Technology

    The largest plan-related issues for both employers and plan participants centers on the accuracy, timeliness, and availability of plan information and results. We address this with state-of-the-art recordkeeping technology.

    • Flexible access for employees: Participants can access their account information and execute transactions via the internet or through a telephone voice response system.
    • Fast trade confirmation: Written and online investment trade confirmations will be mailed to your participants within three business days.
    • Online investment research: We offer one-click investment research for each investment plan option via the internet.
    • Plan management data: Broad plan-level transaction information is available to aid you in planning and decision-making.
    • Efficient electronic recordkeeping: Plan data and contributions are submitted electronically, and processed quickly and efficiently.
    • Plan customization capability: We can customize participant statements, plan websites, and voice response units for your business.
    • Big-name technology with personalized service: We successfully balance technology—such as our daily-valued recordkeeping system—with personalized service from our professional staff members.
  • Investments

    Your participants will have access to a group of proven and skilled investment managers in well-known mutual fund companies. We select, in an unbiased approach, investment options that have achieved consistent results with minimized risk. We provide options for both aggressive and conservative investors, and everything in between.

    • Proven expertise: We will manage investment funds internally in areas where we have proven in-house expertise.
    • Capable partners: We will out-source investment funds management in areas where we do not have in-house expertise.
    • Safety and soundness: We will monitor all investment managers to assure that they remain compliant with a formal investment policy.
  • Cost-Efficiency

    We understand that the very best technology is useless if you can't afford to offer it to your employees. We pride ourselves in controlling your expenses while offering world-class service and administrative support.

    • Bundled approach to services
    • In-house administrative team
    • Fee structures that are both affordable and flexible

Securities and insurance products are * Not FDIC insured *May go down in value *Not financial institution guaranteed *Not a Deposit *Not insured by a federal government agency.