Reservation/Cancellation Policy

We appreciate your cooperation with the following reservation/cancellation policies:

Reservations and Information

  • Julia Terwilleger at 563.589.0804
  • Megan Werner at 563.875.2491
  • Kristie Heims at 563.744.3380
  • Dana King at 608.744.2125
  • Jean Wanezek at 608.348.4300
  • Pam Kreul at 608.822.7300

Area Events/One Day Trips

A $25 per person deposit will be required for all local and one-day ventures, unless a different amount is stated. Deposits need to be received within 7 days of the reservation in order for names to stay on the sign-up list. With your permission, we are happy to charge your American Trust account for the deposit. Final payments are due 30 days prior to the trip departure, unless otherwise stated.

Extended Destinations

Deposit amounts vary in regards to each trip and will be detailed in the trip brochure, newsletter, or website listing. Reservations cannot be guaranteed until your deposit is received. Final payment dates vary and will also be stated in the above listed materials.


If a cancellation is necessary, every effort will be made to provide either a partial or full refund. However, we cannot provide a guarantee of a full refund. Please be advised that there will be circumstances when refunds will NOT be possible due to ticket purchases, meal number guarantees, etc. If a tour is cancelled due to insufficient reservation numbers, you will be issued a full refund. On tours where an outside agent is used, we will adhere to the written cancellation policy of the agent.

Standby List

We always appreciate your willingness to be on the stand-by list for trips that are filled. Please call and add your name to any that interest you. You may get a call to join us.