Other Business Credit Card Services

eZBusiness Card Management

The eZBusiness Card Management solution provides your company the ability to oversee and manage your credit card accounts via access to a robust online program. View real-time transactions, adjust credit limits, make payments from multiple checking accounts, view statements immediately and perform maintenance all with this efficient and comprehensive tool. Call us for more details.

Expense Management

American Trust offers expense management to help your business electronically process, approve and audit employee credit card and out-of-pocket expenses. These costs include, but are not limited to, expenses incurred for travel and entertainment. No matter the size of your business, we have an expense management solution to fit your needs. Call us for more details.

Accounts Payable Cards

If you are looking to create efficiencies and earn on your accounts payables, an American Trust VISA Accounts Payable card may be the solution for your business. With an accounts payable card, a card number is issued and assigned to a specific vendor for use with recurring orders – for example, inventory purchases. Purchases for each vendor are itemized on separate statements and all vendor transactions roll up to your corporate billing for one efficient payment. Plus, you earn 1 point for every dollar in net purchase volume. Call us for more details.

Fleet Cards

Fleet cards are credit cards that let businesses report and control fuel and maintenance expenses. Cards are issued to a driver of a specific vehicle or may be issued to a vehicle and used by a number of drivers. A special PIN number is assigned by the business for use with the card and purchases are restricted to work-related purchases – typically fuel, maintenance and repairs.

Detailed reporting and cost-control restrictions offer benefits that a gas card cannot provide. Businesses receive real time reports and set purchase controls with their cards, helping them to stay informed of all business related expenses.

Since the American Trust Fleet card may be used at any pump/merchant that accepts VISA, our fleet card is widely accepted. Call us for more details.

Private Label Gift Cards

Considering a Gift Card program or looking to move from cumbersome paper gift certificates to card? American trust has partnered with Valutec, a leading provider of closed-loop gift and loyalty card programs for small to mid-sized merchants. Closed loop cards are cards that may be used strictly within one business or a network of businesses. The benefits of a gift card program range from increasing your sales volume to brand awareness to easy usage. Detailed reporting helps you easily keep track of your gift card program. Call us for more details.

Merchant/Payment Processing

Accepting credit debit and prepaid cards is a must to maximize sales and profits. Utilizing American Trust to process cards from your customers adds the highest level of personal service and customization. We tailor programs to fit the needs of various retail, service, and manufacturing companies.

  • Increase sales by providing more payment options
  • Processing for all major credit/debit and prepaid cards
  • Speed up the collection of payments
  • Reduce costs of accounts receivable
  • Card swipe terminals, PC programs, and online processing
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • EMV/NFC Capable Terminals – Get your business ready to accept chip cards and mobile payments with the newest EMV and NFC capable terminals

Online Processing/E-Commerce

More and more shoppers are buying online. We can help you tap into that money stream. We have the ability to assist in the processing of your online credit card sales. We can work with many of your software companies to process online credit card sales quickly and efficiently.