Kid Stuff

While we're mixing fun with savings, here are some ways you can earn money while having fun! These ideas will help your savings soar!


If you like younger kids, then babysitting is a popular choice. Parents often need a good and reliable baby sitter to watch their kids. This position can be even expanded into a babysitting service, by joining together a group of people who can offer baby sitting services to all the parents in the neighborhood. It's good to take a babysitting class if you don't have much experience. Ask you parents about signing up for one.


A parent's helper is similar to a baby sitter. However, if you're too young to baby sit on your own, then a job helping parents is a good opportunity. You can help watch younger kids, assist with the feeding, playing, or doing chores around the house. Later, once you're older, you would likely have gained some references for regular babysitting work.


Instead of a parents helper, you could simply do house cleaning. There are many chores that would be suitable such as vacuuming, dusting, etc.


Everyone is familiar with the old fashioned lemonade stand. Of course, this is a seasonal business, depending on your location. During other times of the year, it could be a warm apple cider business. Make sure to get your parents permission and help with things that are hot. Also try selling coffee, donuts, snack bags, or other food items. If possible, set up a booth at a local community fair or sale if allowed.


Car washing is a needed service in many communities. Get together with a few friends to offer to wash local cars. You can also sell items mentioned in the lemonade stand section above while people wait for their car to be washed. See what other professional car washes charge in your area, and price the services competitively.


If you enjoys animals, then try an animal caretaker business. This might involve walking dogs, dog washing, or general grooming.