Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Consider this service the front line of your fraud prevention defenses. Through Positive Pay, we verify all checks originating from your company before payment is issued. The easy-to-use service saves a lot of time and money by catching attempted fraud before it happens.

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Prevent fraud before it happens
  • Software provided
  • Save time and money
How It Works

Each check your company issues or voids creates an electronic file, which is transmitted to American Trust. These files are maintained in an electronic database at the bank. Information collected includes account number, check number, and dollar amount.

Any items attempting to collect payment against your account are compared to the existing database. If an item is not a perfect match, it is flagged for closer inspection prior to payment.

You are notified immediately. If upon closer inspection, this is a valid item, payment is made. If not, payment will not be made, thwarting the fraud before it affected you.