• Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing

    Utilizing American Trust to process credit cards adds the highest level of personal service along with customization to your specific needs.


  • DigitalDeposit


    Scan and deposit checks directly from your office whether the bank is open or not. Save time, post funds faster, and help prevent fraud.


  • Business Rewards Debit Card

    Business Rewards Debit Card

    Earn rewards on daily transactions. Enjoy travel, merchandise, gift, and cash back rewards. All while simplifying expense tracking.


  • Business Visa Credit Card

    Business Visa Credit Card

    This business card simplifies life for your employees while improving efficiency in your record system. Set controls on a card-by-card basis.


  • Positive Pay

    Positive Pay

    Save time and money by stopping fraud before it happens. This easy-to-use service is at the front line of fraud protection.


  • Lockbox


    Eliminate two time-consuming tasks with our lockbox service. Payments arrive and are processed directly instead of waiting for the mail.


  • Correspondent Banking

    Correspondent Banking

    American Trust has a strong history of providing quality, personalized service to correspondent banks in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.